Girlguiding BGIFC



Members of Girlguiding BGIFC have the same collection of uniform options available to them as UK members. It is up to each member to choose from the range available. Members wear uniform according to the section they are in or the role they carry out and to suit the activity or occasion.

This uniform is a flexible, mix-and-match collection, suitable for most climates and most cultures. It is available from Girlguiding Trading Services, and BGIFC poloshirts and sweatshirts are available from the Girlguiding BGIFC Office.

If for any reason, it is not possible for official uniform items to be worn, the Commissioner for BGIFC must be contacted via the Girlguiding BGIFC Office, as her prior approval is required for any uniform change or adaptation.


The wearing of international neckerchiefs is the same as in the United Kingdom. They are not worn for Unit meetings or at District, Division or County functions. They may be worn if a BGIFC member goes on an international visit or to an international camp, even if it is organised by the National Association of the country in which she is living.

Union Flag Emblem

Members of Girlguiding UK who have travelled abroad as members of the Movement e.g. to represent Girlguiding UK or Girlguiding BGIFC at an international camp or event may wear the Union Flag Emblem on their uniform after their return to the UK or to BGIFC. Travelling abroad in this context means going outside the UK or BGIFC to represent the Movement, and does not include travelling between the UK and a BGIFC area or from one BGIFC area to another.

Galleon Badge Uniform Brooch Challenge