Girlguiding BGIFC

Galleon Badge

All Girlguiding BGIFC members wear a Galleon badge. It is the equivalent of a Country Badge such as that worn by members in Girlguiding Scotland.

British Guiding overseas began in 1911 and as more and more units of British Guides in foreign countries were formed, there was a growing desire for some form of corporate identity. One way to achieve this was for all British Guides abroad to wear the same badge, and so a competition was launched to find a suitable design. It is believed this took place in or about 1926, with the competition winner coming from the Ile de France District of Paris, France.

The Badge chosen was a Galleon sailing across the ocean and incorporating the colours of the British Flag - red, white and blue. The ship itself represents Guiding overseas, and the red cross on the white mainsail was a Crusader Cross, a reminder of the adventurous and crusading spirit of people from the UK who live and work in another country.

Originally the metal Galleon badges were hand-painted, with the name of the hostess country displayed on a scroll beneath the blue waves of the sea. Early examples of these, bearing the names of Switzerland and Belgium, are or were kept in the CHQ archives. As BGIFC spread even more widely however, individual hand painting was no longer possible and the galleon badges became mass produced.

The Galleon badge can be obtained from BGIFC, for details see the merchandise page.

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