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Toulouse Challenge badge

The Guides from Toulouse in France have been busy creating a challenge badge about their area for you to try.

Fancy making paper planes?

Learning French numbers?

Make Iced Violets?

Or playing the Toulouse Sausage Game?

Download the Toulouse Challenge here.

Challenge Badges

Galleon BadgeUniformBroochChallenge

BGIFC Challenge badge (badge back in stock)

There are two sections to this badge. The first section is to help learn about British Guides in Foreign Countries. There are 6 activities in this section and it is recommended that Senior Section and Guides should complete at least 3 of them and Brownies & Rainbows should complete at least 2 of the activities.

The second section is all about the different countries that BGIFC operates in.

You are free to decide how many activities you would like to complete from the second section in order to award the badge to your girls.

Download the BGIFC Challenge here.  (Revised Oct. 2013)

The badge is also available on completion of the challenge via the Merchandise page.

The Amazing Asia Challenge has been devised by BGIFC Malaysia Division. We run the UK Guiding Programme with girls of all nationalities in International schools in Malaysia, and have close links with the Malaysian Guides, as well as other BGIFC Guides and Brownies in the region.

We hope you enjoy this challenge and learn some interesting things about Asia and a little about Guiding and Scouting in those countries.

There are traditional games, crafts and some recipes to try out.  

There is also an outline map for girls to colour in as they “travel” around Asia. Download the challenge:

Welcome to the Great War Challenge!

We are members of 1st SHAPE Senior Section and we are based near Mons in Belgium. This was a historically significant location during the First World War and because of this, we decided to create a challenge for Girlguiding members and Scouts to commemorate the Great War.

The 4th August 2014 marked 100 years since the outbreak of the War. Acts of commemoration are expected to continue for the next four years, marked by various events as the centenary is reached.

We hope that this challenge will help commemorate The Great War by enabling you to step back in time and reflect on events that took place.

We also hope that you will have fun and learn about these at the same time.

Thank you for your interest in our ‘Great War Challenge’ and we hope you enjoy completing it!

We recommend the following activities should be completed to gain the badge:

Rainbows/Beavers – 1 from each section

Brownies/Cubs – 1 from each section and 1 other

Guides/Scouts – 1 from each section and 2 others

Senior Section/Ventures/Leaders – 1 from each section and 3 others

Download the challenge here:

Abu Dhabi Challenge!

Join our 50th anniversary celebrations by completing our Abu Dhabi challenge badge. Find out more about the UAE, its cultures, customs and language, as well as learning more about what girls in Abu Dhabi get up to. The badge was designed by one of our Brownies, and all the activities were designed and tested out by 2nd Abu Dhabi Guides.

There are 6 sections to this challenge badge:

Rainbows are required to complete 1 activity from each section = total 6

Brownies are required to complete 1 activity from each section + 2 more = total 8

Guides and senior section are required to complete 1 activity from each unit + 4 more = total 10

We hope you enjoy completing it as much as we did making it.

Challenge (PDF)

Download the Challenge.