Girlguiding BGIFC


The Girlguiding BGIFC Brooch may be awarded to a person who has given commitment over and above the 'call of duty' if the appointment has been performed in an unusually good way, NOT as a retirement gift:

The Girlguiding BGIFC Brooch may be awarded to:

Applications for this award may be made on the appropriate form (obtainable from the BGIFC Office) by any Leader, Commissioner, Chairman of the Trefoil Guild or Chairman of FOG.

Applications must be sent to the BGIFC Commissioner at the Girlguiding BGIFC Office.

A minimum of two letters of support is needed. The supporting letters should refer to the quality of service, not just the length. All applications and letters must state clearly the position of the signatory and her/his connection with the candidate.

It is imperative that the application is made without the knowledge of the nominee and is not discussed with anyone other than the authors of the supporting letters.

All applications should be signed by the relevant Commissioner, i.e.:

County Commissioner for Counties. District Commissioner for Independent Districts. BGIFC Commissioner for Independent Units.

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